Lincoln Crime Statistics Show Different Trends for Two Major Crimes

January 14, 2019 - 12:17pm

The latest crime statistics from the Lincoln Police Department show both increasing and decreasing trends in two major types of crimes.

In a report of specific crimes required by the FBI annually, crimes involving the theft of property in Lincoln saw a significant seven percent decrease from 2017 to 2018 – continuing a trend of decline over the last five years. Reported crimes of rape and attempted rape, however, saw an increase of nine percent – continuing a growing trend in the city over the last five years.

LPD public information officer Angela Sands said the Me Too movement and belated reports may be factors that contributed to the increase in reported rape and attempted rape crimes in 2018. Sands also said education on social media has played a large role in the significant decrease of theft in Lincoln.

“What we’re finding is that by educating the public and letting them know, ‘These are crime trends in your neighborhood. These are steps you can take and they’re simple,’ people are doing it," Sands said. "They’re locking their cars [and] they’re removing valuables. Really, the decline is the citizens taking charge and just changing a few small habits.”

Sands said the data compiled each year is used by Lincoln Police to better understand certain crimes and allocate resources accordingly.



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