Ranching for Profitability Webinar to be Hosted Across Nebraska

January 3, 2019 - 2:44pm

The annual Ranching for Profitability meeting, which provides information and expert speakers for ranchers across Nebraska, will be held as a webinar across the state this year.

The meeting, hosted by Nebraska Extension on Jan. 17, will be offered online at home or via 13 locations across the state for those who don’t have access to fast internet. Industry and university speakers will focus on the three topics of genetic changes in cattle breeds, consumer preferences for meat and the protection of herd health.

Aaron Berger, a Nebraska extension educator based in the south Panhandle, said the meetings are a great way to connect important information with ranchers across the state.

“These three topics are broad in how they can be utilized and applied," Berger said. "But really our goal is that ranchers would have information that will help them make decisions to meet their own personal and business goals, and to do that in a way that is effective for them.”

Registration for the meeting is $10. Payment can be made at the door of one of the 13 downlink locations. For a home registration downlink, contact your local beef extension educator.



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