Rep. Bacon: Just-Passed Farm Bill Is "Better Than The Previous Farm Bill"

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December 12, 2018 - 4:14pm

The House has easily passed the farm bill, a massive legislative package that reauthorizes agriculture programs and food aid.

The legislation has already passed the Senate and is now headed to President Donald Trump, who is expected to sign it.

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Rep. Don Bacon (R) told NET News he thinks Congress got it "largely right." Bacon said there is always compromise involved in a major piece of legislation such as this.

"I think what we have is better than the previous farm bill and it's clearly better than what we would have had if we would have had a no vote today and it goes to the next Congress with Nancy Pelosi being the speaker," Bacon said. 

Bacon said the bill improves affordable crop insurance, puts more money into trade, and funds a foot-and-mouth disease vaccine bank.

The farm bill is the result of months of negotiations by lawmakers. It does not make any significant changes to the food stamp program that serves nearly 40 million low-income Americans. Trump and conservatives had pushed to create new work requirements for food stamps, but the Senate rejected the idea.

The bill reauthorizes agriculture and conservation programs, funds trade programs, expands support for struggling dairy farmers and legalizes the cultivation of industrial hemp. The House vote was 369-47.


Editor's Note:  Click on the "Listen To This Story" link above to hear the full interview by NET News Director Dennis Kellogg with Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska on the farm bill. 



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