Game and Parks Report Shows Slight Decrease in Deer Harvesting from 2017

November 27, 2018 - 2:47pm

A preliminary report from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission on the number of deer harvested in the state shows a small decrease from last year’s pace.

From September 1 through November 26, deer harvested in the state is down roughly 5 percent from last year during the same time frame. While mule deer buck harvests are slightly down, whitetail buck harvests are slightly up.

Pat Molini, the wildlife assistant division administrator for Game and Parks, said there’s plenty of areas in Nebraska where deer populations are up during the last month of hunting.

“Again, we have a number of places where we feel like we have too many deer or a higher population than we want," Molini said. "We encourage hunters to get out there and shoot antlerless deer, help us out and enjoy the outdoors.”

Molini also said the Hunters Helping the Hungry program is doing well with deer donations, however the program is still in need of cash donations in order to process the deer.



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