Fortenberry Working On Security Plan For Iraqi Minority Groups

November 8, 2018 - 2:08pm

As Nebraska Representative Jeff Fortenberry heads back to Congress for his eighth term, he plans to continue work on a security plan resolution for Iraqi minority communities.

Fortenberry introduced the resolution last month. It focuses on Christian, Yazidi and other minority communities in Iraq that have been affected and dislocated by genocide and violence. ISIS is the main concern for creating a security plan in the region.

In an interview this week with NET News, Fortenberry said while the United States has invested significant funds to help religious refugees in northern Iraq, time is running out for them to return home and have peace.

“What you want to see is people have the space for enough safety to use the economic aid to actually go home and rebuild," Fortenberry said. "The reasons for this are, fundamentally, it’s a matter of justice. These people were the victims of genocide. The dark, twisted theology of ISIS tried to wipe them out. By the way, the people they killed the most were innocent Muslims. But if you lose what once was an ancient tapestry of religious pluralism in Iraq, you lose the space for the protection of minority rights. It’s a matter of just governance, and you will never have peace in that region.”

Fortenberry said he’s also called for a multi-national coalition that would help integrate Christians and Yazidis into one security force under the Iraqi flag but keep the authority to protect their own regions.



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