Lux Middle School Students To Learn From Veterans

November 8, 2018 - 1:57pm

Lux Middle School in Lincoln will hold its annual Veterans Day assembly Friday for students to hear and learn from the stories of veterans.

The assembly at Lux will feature music from the school’s band and choir before introducing 38 veterans to tell their stories to the students. The kids will break into small groups and learn about the history and lives of the veterans.

Brad Irvine, a social studies teacher at Lux, said the assembly is an important way to show students the sacrifices veterans made for their freedom.

“It costs," Irvine said. "It costs us to have our freedoms, and the kids need to understand that somebody pays the price for their freedoms.”

Along with Lux, schools across Lincoln and the state will be holding their own Veterans Day assemblies on Friday and Monday.



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