Schools Consider SMART Snacks in Concession Stands

November 7, 2018 - 3:40pm

Pleasanton High School in Buffalo County in Central Nebraska is one of the first schools to offer and promote SMART snack selections in their concession stands. SMART snack guidelines are part of the USDA guidelines schools already follow for food items sold to students.

Be Well Buffalo County, a community collaborative, is a group working to promote healthier lifestyles throughout the county. Providing more healthy options outside of normal school hours is a big focus to expand wellness policies to include extracurricular activities.

Ashleigh Galles, the wellness coordinator for Buffalo County Community Partners, said this program will benefit the community healthier eating options.

“I think it provides a means of access to healthy option for not just the students, but for families that are bound to those bleachers once, twice, maybe three times per week," Galles said. "And they are there during supper time, and they don’t really have the healthiest options often. So, we want to be able to have a healthy option and a healthy choice available to them.”

Other schools looking for information or to implement SMART snacks into concessions at their events can contact Galles at or (308)-865-2287.



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