WWI Display to be dedicated at Memorial Stadium Sunday

November 7, 2018 - 2:48pm

This Sunday a new display commemorating World War I will be dedicated at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

The dedication is one of many events organized by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the community to recognize military service members and veterans during the week of Veterans Day. A salute during the Husker football game on Saturday is included as well.

The ceremony commemorating the new display marks the hundredth anniversary of Armistice Day, which ended World War I. The display will feature two plaques installed at the East stadium entrance with the names of 113 Nebraska students who enrolled at the university and signed up to take part in World War I. General John J. Pershing will also be recognized in the display for his contributions both to the university and the nation.

Michelle Waite, assistant to the chancellor for government and military relations said the university has a long history of honoring veterans.

“The university, has a strong tradition, as the land grant, flagship campus of honoring and serving our veterans. That is part of the land grant mission, is to teach military tactics, and I think it’s incumbent upon the university to honor those veterans and members of the military and their families as part of our heritage, as part of our land grant mission,” Waite said.

The services will take place Sunday, November 11, at Gate 20 in the East Concourse of Memorial Stadium. The ceremony will begin at 7:45 am CT and is open to the public.



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