Fischer Wins Big Against Raybould for Second Term Re-Election

November 7, 2018 - 12:10am

It was a landslide victory Tuesday night for Republican Senator Deb Fischer as she cruised to a second term victory against Democratic challenger Jane Raybould.

The margin of Fischer's win proved to be nearly 20 points, with her campaign collecting 58 percent of the total votes compared to Raybould's 39 percent.

Fischer, who credited a grassroots effort by her campaign volunteers for her victory, spent much of the race touting her Nebraska roots and referencing her record in Congress standing up for Nebraskans and issues pertinent to the state.

After her win, Fischer told Omaha television station KETV she and her team ran a good and clean campaign focused on her constituents, and said she will continue to work with both parties in the Senate for Nebraska.

"I continue to work with Republicans and Democrats," Fischer said. "That's what I promised I would do six years ago. I've kept my word, and I'm going to continue to do that in the Senate and continue to really work hard for the people of this state."

Raybould, a business owner and city councilwoman in Lincoln, ran her campaign on her longtime, working-class business experience, and tried to show voters that Fischer wasn't representing their interests in Washington.

In her concession speech, Raybould said this wasn't the time for Democrats in the state to give up, and that her campaign was a step toward future success for the party in Nebraska.

"We still have a ways to go, and that's why there is no time to be sad," Raybould said. "There is no time to be cynical. There is just too much work left to be done."

Fischer's campaign outspent Raybould's three-to-one in this year's election. Ultimately, Fischer believes her six years of experience in Washington helped propel her to re-election, which will last until 2024.




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