Ricketts Retains Governor Seat Over Challenger Krist

November 6, 2018 - 11:58pm

Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts easily held off Democratic challenger Bob Krist Tuesday night to earn a second term.

Record numbers of GOP voter registrations in the state favored Ricketts and Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley going into Tuesday night's vote, and that showed in the final tally of 59 percent to Krist's and running mate Lynne Walz's 41 percent.

The Ricketts campaign focused on promoting both local and international business in Nebraska. Ricketts told television station KETV in Omaha he will continue to invest in local jobs during his new term and continue to focus on property tax relief.

"The things that we're focused on [are] being able to create those job opportunities for our Nebraskan families," Ricketts said. "That's not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing - that's a Nebraska thing. And that's what we've been focused on. We're going to continue to look for ways to be able to seek that investment in our state that creates those job opportunities, like the investments we've seen from Facebook, Kawasaki and Costco. We're going to continue to work on property tax relief. Again, when we've increased the property tax relief fund, that benefits all Nebraskans - not just Republicans."

Krist, who ran on a campaign that focused on nonpartisanship and lowering property taxes, also told KETV he's proud of his campaign and that he stuck to the facts.

"I'm pretty proud of the race that we ran," Krist said. "In all cases, we told the truth. I've gotten kind of famous around the state for saying 'Google It' because it's true. If you look at the facts, we stuck to it."

Ricketts had a five-to-one spending advantage over Krist in the race for governor.



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