Central Nebraska Town Awarded USDA Development Loan

October 11, 2018 - 12:58pm

The village of Elba in central Nebraska will be receiving a $580,000 infrastructure loan as part of a national effort to invest in rural development and infrastructure across the country.

The USDA is investing $181 million throughout 88 rural community infrastructure projects through its Community Facilities Direct Loan Program. The money can be used for a wide variety of needs, including healthcare facilities, town halls and fire departments.

For Elba, the money is planned to revitalize 13th Street that leads to a public school by adding sidewalks, storm sewer inlets, curbs, gutters and concrete paving. Vicki Schurman, who is the public information officer for USDA rural development, said the outdated road is a safety concern.

“Presently, it’s a gravel street and a well-traveled street," Schurman said. "It gets muddy, and it’s a street that goes for the kids to get to school. When they walk to school, they have to walk on the center line which is extremely dangerous. We’re going to go in and pave it, put in curbs and gutters, and stormwater drains.”

The USDA loan will be supplemented by a $200,500 contribution by Elba and a $250,000 state Community Block Grant. For more information on the Elba loan and other rural investments by the USDA, visit the USDA website.



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