$2 Million Veteran Memorial Designed for new Central Nebraska Veteran’s Home

September 19, 2018 - 11:52am

A two million dollar memorial has been designed for the campus of the newly opened Central Nebraska Veteran’s Home in Kearney. The memorial will be dedicated to all Nebraskans who have served in every branch for conflicts ranging from the Civil War to present day.

The memorial is designed to be a place of remembrance for those who have served and an accessible location for the public to come and honor them. More than three-quarters of the money has been raised for the memorial through private and public donations.

Vice chairman of the Central Nebraskan’s Veteran Memorial Board Dick Pierce said the memorial will serve as an educational resource as well.

“We feel that having a public place of remembrance, that everyone can come and it will be an educational process as well because with each of these stones that depict the conflicts that the state of Nebraska has been involved with, there will be a narrative. It will tell about heroes from Nebraska that have been involved with certain conflicts throughout the years,” Pierce said.

The memorial is expected to be completed in the early summer of 2019.



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