Dems call for Janssen to resign; Repubs attack Krist over drinking

Democratic auditor candidate Jane Skinner speaks as Chair Jane Kleeb and secretary of state candidate Spencer Danner look on. (Photo by Fred Knapp, NET News)
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September 17, 2018 - 4:33pm

Nebraska Democrats and Republicans took shots at each other Monday for candidates drinking on the job, targeting Republican State Auditor Charlie Janssen and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist.

Friday, the Omaha World-Herald reported on a three-month investigation in which the newspaper said it observed State Auditor Charlie Janssen repeatedly taking three-hour beer drinking lunches at a Lincoln sports bar. Janssen apologized and promised to do better.

Monday, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb called for Janssen to resign and repay taxpayers for time spent off the job. Democratic state auditor candidate Jane Skinner said Janssen had failed the voters.

“They put their faith in him to be the watchdog and ferret out abuse and wasteful spending of taxpayers’ money. Charlie Janssen took an oath and he promised to do so. He has failed the voters and thus he has failed his oath and his office,” she said.

As the Democrats were preparing to hold their news conference, the Nebraska Republican Party issued a news release criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist for what it said was drinking on the job as a state senator.

The release included three videos. In one, Krist sits at a table with another senator with a glass in front of him but does not drink. In another, he steps behind the bar to pour himself something which is not seen. In a third, he’s seen entering a car outside of a bar carrying a cup.

“We just want to make sure that the same standards being held for Auditor Charlie Janssen (are) to be held to Sen. Bob Krist. And we’re calling on Bob Krist to apologize to the public; acknowledge his mistakes as well, just like Auditor Janssen,” Republican Party Executive Director Kenny Zoeller said.

Krist spokesman Dan Parsons said the videos don’t show what Republicans are alleging.  Parsons added Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts had sunk to a new low in Nebraska politics.



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