ITI Data Awards Two Scholarships to UNL Computer Science Students

September 7, 2018 - 3:39pm

ITI Data has awarded two computer science students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln the company’s inaugural “Vision in Technology” scholarships. The award ceremony coincides with the department of computer science and engineering’s 50th anniversary celebration.

The scholarships were awarded to senior Colton Harper and junior Mickey Tran based on their academic accomplishments and two-page vision statement about impacting the world through computing. Each student will receive a $12,500 scholarship for the current academic year.

ITI Data is a global data management technology consulting firm headquartered in New York. The company’s founder and CEO Brian Vaske is a graduate of UNL’s computer science program.

Vaske said he wanted to increase his support of the department that played such an important role in his personal and career development.

“[I wanted to] Really encourage more and more innovators and intellectual talent in the program, and enable them to go out and achieve their dreams as I’ve been able to achieve from my education and experience at UNL as well,” Vaske said.

Vasked also talked about how the combination of events yesterday were very special to be a part of.

“It was phenomenal, and then to be able to celebrate not only the awards that the two students had competed and successfully were awarded, but also to be able to do it in and around all of the faculty and staff, the computer science department, during really a momentous occasion, which was the 50th anniversary celebration of the department at UNL,” Vaske said.

When it began in 1968, UNL’s program was one of only a few collegiate computer science programs in the nation, and is currently the only program of its kind in the BIG 10.



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