Grand Island Based International Trade Delegation in Talks with Kenya

August 16, 2018 - 10:12am

An international trade delegation from the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation (GIAEDC) will travel to Kenya. The delegation will look to continue talks on trade and share ideas on how to improve agricultural practices in Kenya.

The delegation was founded by Grand Island entrepreneur Laban Njuguna and the GIAEDC President, Dave Taylor. Njuguna is originally from Kenya, and initiated the conversations between the delegation and Kenyan officials.

The delegation’s trip to Kenya will be the third meeting between the parties, the most recent coming last April when a delegation from Kenya visited Nebraska.

During their visit to Nebraska, the delegation from Kenya was educated on the agricultural practices and technology of the Midwest. After visiting feed lots, local farms and equipment manufacturers, the deputy president of Kenya has invited the Nebraska trade delegation back.

They will be discussing opportunities to export agricultural resources from Nebraska, as well as import coffee beans from Kenya.

“That’s where it started, with us looking to import their coffee here in the green bean form… It could turn into a very good relationship with Kenya and an opportunity for some local companies to have an export opportunity,” Taylor said.

He thinks the opportunities with coffee will open up tourism and new business ventures as well.

“Well in addition to the export opportunities, it’s also going to be importing a product that currently isn’t available in bulk form,” Taylor said. “If we can get this business up and running and everything works out, there will be people coming to town for what is referred to as ‘cupping’ events on coffee.”

A “cupping” event is where the coffee beans are roasted and then tasted by the visitors. An auction would then take place to sell the coffee beans.

During their upcoming visit, Taylor and the delegation are hoping to share Nebraska agricultural practices with Kenyan farmers and delegates. The delegation will also include members with expertise in animal nutrition and science, food storage, logistics and transportation and irrigation.



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