New Health Center and UNMC Nursing Complex Opened at UNL’s City Campus

July 11, 2018 - 9:47am

The University of Nebraska, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine have officially opened a new Health Center and Nursing College in Lincoln. The facility is a 107,000 square foot complex paid for primarily by student fees.

The new building will house both a state of the art Health Center for UNL students and faculty while also serving as a permanent location for the Lincoln division of UNMC’s nursing college. The facility is outfitted with new technology and is regarded as one of the best in the nation according to Dr. Jeffery Gold, Chancellor of UNMC at Omaha.

“This building represents the very best of what the students need and want. This building represents the finest academic training and educational site in nursing that I am aware of,” Gold said.

Some of the features of the new complex include a wellness kitchen to promote nutritional diets for students, improved clinical rooms for patients, an interactive touch screen which connects to the other UNMC campuses and six different simulation rooms for the nursing students along with a variety of other classrooms.

Dr. Gold believes this will be a great facility for educating both faculty and students on the future of the health field.

“[This facility will be used for] World class simulation. Having the very best technology for communicating between our campuses, while at the same time having a learning environment where our faculty and students can learn together. It looks and feels just like a real hospital, and that’s exactly what we want to simulate to make our students comfortable when they start taking care of patients,” Gold said.

Specifically related to the Health Center side of the facilities, there are new features UNL students will be able to utilize throughout their college careers. Dental, optometry, radiology and laboratory services will all be offered along with a new, single location for Counseling and Psychological Services. There is also a new Physical Therapy sector and an area dedicated to helping students manage stress and anxiety.

The Health Center will officially open to students on July 16th, 2018 at 8 a.m.



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