Nebraska Reaction to White House DACA Decision

Approximately 200 people attended a Tuesday rally outside the state capitol in support of DACA (photo by Mike Tobias, NET News)
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September 5, 2017 - 2:44pm

Here is some of the Nebraska reaction to the White House decision today Tuesday to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program over a six month period. There are currently approximately 3,000 Nebraskans brought into the country illegally as children who receive legal protection through two-year DACA permits.

Zaida Mendez, Metropolitan Community College-Omaha student and DACA recipient (speaking at state capitol rally in support of DACA)

“I’m mad and I’m sad. As a DACA recipient, my life has changed completely. I wouldn’t be able to work without this. I wouldn’t be able to drive. I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere without DACA. When DACA was announced I saw this as the best opportunity to not only give back to my family, but to Nebraska.”

Crete Mayor Roger Foster (speaking at state capitol rally in support of DACA)

“The community of Crete is made up of generations of immigrants. I couldn't be prouder of our DACA youth and their families for continuing the tradition of contributing to our community. In Nebraska we speak of pride, work ethic and retaining our best and brightest students. In the community of Crete, these families exemplify the values we so cherish as Nebraskans. It's important to the future we welcome them."

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE-1)

“First, it is important to note that this issue is the responsibility of Congress. Second, necessary humanitarian exceptions must be nested in policies that further robust border security, interior enforcement against illegal activity, and foreign policy initiatives to mitigate the pressure for economic migration.” 

Rep. Don Bacon (NE-2)

“I understand why many people are unsure of what the future holds for them and the fears they are feeling. I want to let those who are scared and uncertain know that I am committed to keeping law-abiding DACA recipients in the United States. This is the only home many of these children, students, friends, and neighbors have known.” (Full statement HERE)

Rep. Adrian Smith (NE-3)

“President Trump is correct – the DACA program violated the separation of powers established by our Constitution and should never have been created through executive action.  This and many other aspects of our broken immigration system, such as border security, have gone too long without being addressed. Congress and the President must come together to create strong, permanent immigration policies rooted in the rule of law.” (Full statement HERE)

Nebraska Republican Party

“The President of the United States, no matter who it is, has no power to change the laws of the country unilaterally. The Deferred Action programs that were implemented under President Obama were determined to be unconstitutional after the 2016 Supreme Court case United States v. Texas. To continue the deferred action program would have undermined our constitution and the role of the Congress to implement laws.”

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb

“The Nebraska Democratic Party stands with the Dreamers who make up the fabric of our small towns and big cities. Our Democratic candidates from Senate to School Board all realize the direction President Trump wants to take by removing young people whose only home they know is Nebraska is reckless. This action by Trump, and supported by Sen. Fischer with her silence, is wrong and incredibly cruel." (Full statement HERE)

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

“Today’s decision restored the proper balance of power by rescinding an executive order.  There are currently bi-partisan bills before the House and Senate addressing this issue. These are the proper forums to debate this difficult immigration issue.” (Full statement HERE)

University of Nebraska President Hank Bounds

“The chancellors and I stand firmly in support of our DACA students and are mobilizing whatever resources we can provide to ensure their well-being. Our message to them, as to all University of Nebraska students, is clear: They are welcome here, they are important members of our community, and we are proud of their courage and commitment to their education. We ask Congress to act quickly to remove the uncertainty for these young people who are working hard to pursue the American dream.” (Full statement HERE)

Nebraska ACLU Executive Director Danielle Conrad

“Today is a cruel day for Dreamers, their families, and all Americans. President Trump’s decision to end DACA is a manufactured crisis in response to an artificial deadline from anti-immigrant leaders in Nebraska and other states."



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