Nebraska electors vote for Trump

Nebraska electors (from left) John Dinkel, Phil Belin, Craig Safranek, Chuck Conrad and Paul Burger flank Gov. Pete Ricketts (Photo by Fred Knapp, NET News)
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December 19, 2016 - 4:46pm

Despite pleas from some members of the public, Nebraska’s  Electoral College members Monday cast all five of the state’s electoral  votes for Donald Trump.

Well in advance of the election, the state’s political parties choose electors who will vote if their presidential candidate wins in a particular congressional district, and in the statewide vote. Since all three of the state’s congressional districts, as well as the statewide vote, went to Donald Trump this year, the five electors present were those chosen by the state Republican Party.

Monday, they gathered in the governor’s hearing room at the state Capitol to vote. But before that, there was a 10-minute public comment period, during which all five people who spoke asked them not to vote for Trump. Among them was William Roe of Kearney, who suggested leaving the decision to the House of Representatives.

“There’s been conflicts of interest that’ve been brought up in 20 different countries around the world. There’s been issues with influences of foreign powers on our election. There’s so many questions and there’s so many issues that have been brought up that voting in a way that would draw this to the House, so that way they can get a full and thorough briefing of whatever has actually happened and what has transpired I think is the most valid course of action,” Roe said.

Nebraska state law requires electors vote to reflect the popular vote within the congressional districts and the state. Secretary of State John Gale called each elector to cast his ballots, and read off the results one by one, verifying that each had voted accordingly. “And so the casting of ballots for president has been completed,” Gale intoned, after the fifth elector had voted for Trump.

The votes now go to Congress, which will count them on January 6. The new president will be sworn in January 20.



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