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December 21, 2006
Otis Young reviews William Stacy Johnson's "A Time to Embrace," an exploration of same-gender relationships in history, law, and religion. Charles Stephen examines "Nightlife" by Thomas Perry, a crime novel about a young female serial killer.
December 14, 2006
Otis Young discusses "One Woman's Army" by Janis Karpinski, a memoir by the former General who was head of the Abu Ghraib prison. Charles Stephen reviews John Mortimer's "Rumpole and the Reign of Terror," the latest addition to the Horace Rumpole adventures.
November 30, 2006
Otis Young reviews a book of essays on science and humanity, "The Scientist as Rebel," by Freeman Dyson; Charles Stephen discusses a book of photographs by Joel Sartore, "Nebraska: Under a Big Red Sky."
November 23, 2006
Charles Stephen discusses "To the Edge of the World" by Harry Thompson, an historical fiction piece revolving around Charles Darwin and the captain who sailed with him on his journeys of discovery; Otis Young reviews Carl Hiaasen's "Nature Girl," the latest humorous novel involving unlikely... more››
November 16, 2006
Otis Young reviews "Thunderstruck" by Erik Larson, a tale that couples Guglielmo Marconi's invention of the wireless radio with a murder mystery; Charles Stephen discusses Doris Kearns Goodwin's "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln," a fresh look at Lincoln's uniting of... more››
November 9, 2006
Otis Young reviews "Only Joking" by comedian Jimmy Carr and Lucy Greeves, a history of jokes and humor, while Charles Stephen discusses "Why Darwin Matters," an exploration of science and belief by Michael Shermer.
October 19, 2006
Charles Stephen welcomes author Francis Moul to discuss his new book, "The National Grasslands: A Guide to America's Undiscovered Treasures."
October 12, 2006
Charles Stephen welcomes guest Charlyne Berens and discusses her book "Chuck Hagel: Moving Forward."
October 5, 2006
Charles Stephen reviews "All the King's Men," a Pulizer Prize-winning political novel set in the 1930s by Robert Penn Warren, while Otis Young discusses "My Husband's Girlfriend," a novel about family conflicts by Cydney Rex.
September 28, 2006
Otis Young reviews Nora Ephron's new book, "I Feel Bad About My Neck," while Charles Stephen discusses "Grayson," the true story of a baby whale rescue by Lynne Cox, and "The First Men In: US Paratroopers and the Fight to Save D-Day," by Edward Ruggero.