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On the Road with NET
NET is packing its bags for a road trip to Central Nebraska this fall.
The 67th season of Backyard Farmer ended with an on-air marriage proposal to panelist, Elizabeth Killinger. The special moment was celebrated in front of a live audience at the Backyard Farmer Garden.
And the Floods Came
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NET News documents the stories of survivors, first responders and local communities during the March flooding disaster.
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Community Connection
The Sound of Home
The PlainStory
This season we're exploring the concepts of music and home. We'll listen to how musicians use their art to create a new sense of home, or remember the homes of their past.
Mental Health
Good, Healthy Life
This episode looks at mental health in Nebraska
K06KR Crawford Ch. 13 is off air

K06KR Crawford has technical problems impacting TV Broadcast. Engineers are evaluating and will repair as soon as possible. The following counties may be affected on TV Channel 13 : Dawes

K33AC Pawnee City Ch. 12 at Reduced Power

K33AA Pawnee City has maintenance issues or weather conditions that require reduction of TV Broadcast power.  Engineers will return power to normal as soon as possible.  The following counties may be affected on TV Channel 33 : Johnson-Pawnee