Live from NET's Ron Hull Studio
Friday Live January 30 Special
Friday January 30 at 9:00am (CT) on NET Radio
You're invited to see pianist Simone Dinnerstein and others perform live. Coffee and rolls at 8:30. 
State Government
Gov. Ricketts delivers the 2015 State of the State Address to members of the Legislature.
Sen. Al Davis of Hyannis discusses proposals for nonpartisan primaries, local income tax for schools, and a tax on "intangibles" like stocks and bonds in this week's edition of Capitol Conversations.
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NET and NBA Scholarships for Broadcast Majors
Are you considering a career in broadcasting? With the help of NET and the Nebraska Broadcaster's Association, you can be a part of this exciting field!
Learning Services
Ready to Learn is a Free Program
We have trusted and effective resources for Nebraska communities to enhance your early childhood education curriculum.
Coach Riley announces new additions to his Nebraska Football staff.